Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Update: Changes

I've been doing quite a bit of thinking as of late, and I've decided that I can't do all the Blog Series that I would like to do right now. So I'm updating you all, that I'm going to be postponing the Frank Malone Series until I have more time to focus on it. I'm still going to be working on the Lisa Goodwin Series, and the TransPunzel series. But I just don't have the time to be working on three blog series right now. 

I'm taking a slower developing and writing schedule for TransPunzel because it's something I want to do right. So I no longer have a time for when the first episodes will be posted. As I start to get things on a better schedule and get more settled into my newish Day Job, I will know what kind of time I have to give to it. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

LIfe after Death, and Bills.

So here is a bit of truth about being someone that follows your dreams. It's hard, it's frustrating, and even when you are doing the right things, it doesn't always work out. I'm not the most consistent blogger, or social media user. However I try to write as much as I can and then I update all the social media as often as I can. I won't make excuses, but I have to say, my mom's death has hit me pretty hard. 

It's been 6 months since she died. I feel like I've been floundering a bit. It's been hard to find my place again. I haven't had my ADHD meds for the last 5 months and I'm realizing that my ADHD meds are important to my being able to focus and write at the level I find acceptable. So it's been really hard the last few months. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Melaleuca... What?

So I'm doing something new, It's something that I have been thinking about doing for quite sometime now. Frankly I wish I had done it sooner. I am now selling Melaleuca Products. These are products I've used myself before, and I have always been really happy with them. They are high quality products that are safe for you and for your family, and also they are environmentally safe. 

I have used Melaleuca's products on and off for several years. I have rather sensitive skin, so laundry soap is something that can irritate my skin if it has too much in the way of dyes and fragrances. However the EcoSense Melapower Laundry detergent is fantastic for those of you, like myself, who are sensitive to all the harsh additives that other brands put into their products. I have found that I don't have the skin irritation with the Melaleuca products that I do with other brands. I feel that this product cleans better, and feels better on my skin than when I use other products. Yeah it can be a bit spendy, but I feel that I get the quality of product that I pay for with Melaleuca. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Shorts: Panic Attack at 1:20 am

The water ran out of the faucet as Rian looked down at his watch. “Fuck, it’s only 1 am.” He said to himself in the back room of the Zip Mart. He had only started working there a week ago. He was already hating the graveyard shift. His mother had told him to get a job, or he would have to find other living arrangements. So he took the first job that was offered to him. Rian just had his 20th birthday a few days ago. He looked down at the dull gray shirt with the Zip Mart logo on it. The H.R. person said that if he did well here, Rian could advance quickly into management. All Rian wanted to do was play his Xbox One, and hang out with his friends.

The door chime went off, which meant that there was a customer that had walked into the store. Rian looked up and saw two men in ski masks. Nothing to get alarmed about, he thought to himself. It’s the middle of January after all. He looked down and double checked he had the Panic Alarm around his neck. As he walked out he check the time on his watch, 1:12 AM. Rian quickly walked out to the cash register. Just as he got his login put into the POS computer, 70220. He looked up at the men who still hadn’t taken off their ski masks.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Letter Killer

I saw a writing prompt on Facebook, and decided to do a quick little short story based on it. It's 513 words. So I'm counting this at my 500 words for the day.

There is a pictures in my phone of me sleeping and I live alone. I’ve been thinking about it all week. How did it get there? Who took it? Why did they take it? It’s the thought that is consuming me as I sit in my cubicle taking phone calls and talking to people about their end of life plans. I work for a company that helps people to plan and prepay for their funerals. I hear a lot of tears during my day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

500 Words Challenge

So I follow what Jeff Goins is doing. He tends to have some pretty good advice for writers. So he has this challenge he is doing for new writers. It's totally free, and it's called "My 500 Words". The Challenge is to write 500 words a day for 30 days. Now for me I'm going to make at least one exception. Saturdays I work a 14 hour day at my day job, and I'm not going to be able to write that day. It's just a matter of not having enough mental energy to go around on a day like that. So I'm making the one exception to this rule. I'm going to do most of my writing for this on the new story I'm working on, and a blog post when I get done that will update my progress. I'm also updating on Coach.me each day. 

Now to count the words I'm writing, I'm using a plugin for Google Docs called, Track My Words. It works really good and tells you the number of words and the WPM (Words Per Minute) that you are writing. So I'm going to be incorporating this into my daily routine which Sunday-Friday is normally the same, the only exception of course is Saturday which is taken up entirely by my day job. 

I'm doing a few new things. I've as I've stated before I have been putting together a new daily routine. I've been reading this book on my Kindle called, "Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind (The 99U Book Series)" by 99U it's only $5.99 and it's on your Kindle helping you to develop a routine that will help you to become more creative and more productive.

Anyways, I started this yesterday and I'll be doing it for the next 30 days. I'm hoping it will kickstart my writing again and get me back into that creative headspace. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Updates, and some story news.

Hey everyone!

So over the last 2 months a lot of stuff has happened. My mom passed away in the middle of March. I was her full time care provider. So when I wasn't writing I was taking care of her. Now I would have been doing it regardless if I had been getting paid or not, however I was being paid to take care of her full time. It was my only income. My mom died because of an unknown aneurysm that burst at the back of her brain. It was unexpected, we had thought she would be alive for another 5 years at least even with the COPD she had just be diagnosed with the month before.

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