Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Preview: Death Isn't For Everyone

Hey Everyone!

So I've been working on this book for a couple of years now. I only have a chapter or so done with it, but I wanted to share a small sample with you and get your opinion on it. It's a bit of alt history and fantasy type of book. So there is a lot to play with here in this world. It's going to be part of what I'm calling The New Immortal Series. It's going to be a book series not a blog series. Anyways, here you go the first page of Death Isn't For Everyone.

The unknown is frightening; it’s why people run from it. Oblivion was my goal when I put the gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger. I wasn’t expecting to wake up on the M.E.’s table in a body bag. I inhaled deeply, my body starved for oxygen. “Oh Fuck, I can’t even kill myself right.” I said to myself as I started to undo the zipper on the body bag. The guy in the room was not amused when I sat up out of the bag. His look of shock and fear told me I didn’t look quite right. “So how bad is it? Am I just missing the back of my head?” I ask the speechless tech. “Naw man, you look good for a living dead guy.” I took that as a compliment.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

What is ADHD Daily? (Updated)

Update: Hey All. All of the ADHD Daily Posts have been moved over to their new home over on Medium.  so please go check them out over there.

So I have been thinking, and thinking about what I should be writing about on a regular basis, and I've decided that I'm going to start sharing more about my experience with having ADHD. Living with it on a daily basis. I'm still going to be writing about my experiance as a writer. However, I am going to also be writing about Bullet Journals, an Addictions and ADHD, and Trauma and ADHD, and Abuse and ADHD, among other things related to ADHD.

 I've been thinking about this for the past month and I feel this is the best way for me to use this blog as a way to help others who have ADHD, or families with people that have ADHD.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Things, Lots of Changes

So I've been putting a lot of thought into where I want my writing career to go, and I've come up with two paths I'd like to go down. One is my fiction writing which I'll be putting up on my Patreon account. The other is that I'd like to start writing political commentary and talking about the issues that matter. I'm a person that needs to have deep discussions and talk about the important things that are happening in the world.

So I'll be changing the name of the blog, I haven't decided on what I'll be changing it too just yet. I just know that I'll have to change it. I'm still going to posting to the same URL that isn't changing just the name of the blog. I think that by April of next year I'll be ready to unveil it. So stay tuned for that, and also stay tuned for the podcast I'll be putting up as a companion to the articles I'll be writing. That will happen later in 2018 possibly in the late summer. I still have to get a couple of things so I can do a quality podcast.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Writer's Block, and The Life It Leads.

So Writer's block is a real thing. For me it's something I've been struggling with for awhile now. Ever since my mom passed back in March. It's understandable the loss of a parent is a big thing. It's even bigger when you use to seeing that parent everyday and then you can't see them anymore.

I was my mom's full time care provider, outside of writing. It was the only thing I did for work. It paid pretty well too. I was making almost $15 an hour. However the money wasn't why I was doing it. I was taking care of my mom because it was the right thing to do, and because it needed to be done.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Here's What I'm Reading This Week 11/26-12/2/2017

So it's another week of great books this week. I'm really starting to explore some of the more metaphysical aspects of things this week and it will be an interesting week for me. So before we get started this week I'd again like to say that I don't make any money off of any of the suggestions that I'll be making here. This post isn't about creating revenue, it's about sharing what I'm reading and hopefully get a discussion started about those books.

I really enjoy reading books that help me to see the world a bit differently, or maybe help me to better cope with the daily stresses we all have to deal well regularly. With that in mind here is my first book for this week.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Stoneman (Part 2)

The van bounced back and forth as it drove down the road. Thomas Fairplay tried to steady himself, he started to think that the driver has trying to hit every bump on the road. The van came to an unexpected stop. Thomas couldn’t catch himself in time and he rolled forward. Hitting the wall between the passenger area and the drivers area. “Bloody hell. Carriages were so much safer for kidnappings.” Thomas heard the driver laugh. Thomas then heard some muttering on the other side of the wall. He decided to get low to the ground, when the hair on the back of his neck started to stand up. Just then several bullets ripped through the van. There were screams coming from the driver’s compartment. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Just My Opinion: Your Book Cover

The book cover is quite possibly one of the most important elements of your book, outside of the story itself. The phrase, "Never judge a book by it's cover." is a nice idea, however people judge books by their covers all the time. I'm just as guilty of it as anyone else. A great book cover will grab your potential readers attention and the cover could be what prompts them to pick it up.

The Title is just as important, because that's the next thing that people are going to read. Sometimes it's the first thing they read and then they see the book cover. They both go hand in hand with each other.

So I'm not going to be using my book covers on here because I think that would just be nepotism at it's worse, and really I think it would just be wrong for me to do so. I do suggest that you all look these books up and give them a look yourself. Also I'm not making any comment on how good or bad a book might be, I'm only giving my opinion of what I feel makes for a great book cover. There are big name authors that have some terrible book covers. So it isn't just us indies that this happens too.

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