Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Shorts: Blood Crimes:Part 1

Hey everyone! I'm doing something a little different for the next 3 weeks. I'm doing a 3 part story. So I hope you enjoy!
I am one thousand years old. I am vampyre. You are prey, my food, my survival. Vampyres hate to admit it, but we need the human race. As much as we would like to wipe you off the face of the earth. We, immortals wouldn’t last long if we were so foolish. My maker was alive a thousand years before I was ever born. 

My name is Anthony Archer, and I was born in the winter of 1977. I was brought into my immortality in 1997, I was just 20 years old, when my maker found me. He hadn’t lost his sanity yet, and was still well in control of himself. Now he kills his food, and has no more control, he has returned to his most base self, he is more animal than vampyre now. I think I’ll have a blonde sorority girl, they always taste so sweet!

The good thing about always being 20 years old, is that I can always get into the best parties. I watch this little blonde thing walking around the room. Flirting with each guy she talked to, a real slut this one. She is going to taste so, so sweet. I catch her eye and she comes walking towards me. Her hips swinging side to side, her tits bouncing like twin basketballs. Her smile brighter than the moon on its brightest night, and she had those eyes that say eat me. “Well Hi ya there good lookin’! You uh, wanna have a good time?” I give her my best smile, “Why yes, I would. Where’s your bedroom at?” She giggles, “Right this way big boy!” I follow her into her room, and sat down on the bed. 

I start kissing her neck, getting a feel for her pulse. I bring my head back and look her in the eyes. The trance begins. “You’re not going to scream.” She repeats it, in the sleepy tone of voice. I grin, and my fangs come out. I pierce her jugular and the blood gushes into my mouth. Something’s wrong, it doesn’t taste right. It’s bitter, and it’s not pure, it’s tainted! Poisoned even, I spit it out. My Stomach does something it hasn’t done in a thousand years. It cramps up. I’ve never tasted anything like that before, I’ll have to ask my maker if he knows anything about it.

I run out of her room, and past the crowd. They think a gust of wind just came through the room as I run by them. I stop running about a mile away from the house. I’m breathing heavy, and a bit unsteady on my feet. I see a homeless man walking down the street. It wasn’t the best food, but beggars can’t be choosers or so they say. It might be the year 2177, but the world is still a horrible place. I really would have thought homelessness would have been solved by now. I attack the unsuspecting prey, and it tasted about as good as it looked. But it was clean blood, I don’t understand what happened with that blonde bimbo, what is wrong with her blood? Those kinda girls normally have such a sweet taste to them.

I make my way back to the house, and walk down to the basement. His cage is still in one piece. “Master, can you understand me?” He walks out from the shadows. “Yes, Anthony my Child. I understand you. I’m not totally lost yet.” I steady myself. “Something’s wrong. I was eating this woman, and her blood, it was wrong. I would go so far as to say that it was tainted, poisoned even. It had a harsh bitter taste and my stomach cramped.” It was only there for a moment, but fear flashed across my master’s eyes. “So it’s happening again. It almost killed us off the last time. We only called it The Death, because that’s what will happen if you take in too much of it. Every hundred, or thousand years, humans generate a bio-chemical that turns vampyres mortal. Only a handful ever have it. It’s not so bad for a young one, but old ones they age, some if they’re old enough, turn to dust.” I gasped. “No.” I say in disbelief. “I’m a thousand years old master, I would turn to dust.” My maker laughs at me. “Yes, you would.” 

I can see the insanity starting to creep back in, so I back away from the cage. I have to find another vampyre as old as my maker. Our food source is being tampered with, and that means someone knows we exists. That won’t do at all. Our success is that we are, and have been able to stay in the shadows. I know just who to pay a visit too. “When are you going to feed me again!” Oh i almost forgot. I go back down stairs and over to the storage container in the corner. I pick out a high school football quarterback. He was trying to rape his date, when I found him. So it won’t be any loss to humanity for him to die. I grab the waste of air, and toss him in for Master to eat. His screams were music to my ears. 

I go upstairs as the screams fade, and pick up my little black book of vampyres. I look up one that is as old as my master, but still has her sanity. Yes, Galina will do perfectly. I pick up the phone to call her. Before I can even dial the first digit my phone rings. It’s her. I’d heard that she has some gifts that other vampyres don’t have. “Galina, how surprising. I was just getting ready to call you. I have some questions that I think you might have the answers too.” I hear her raspy laugh that matches her voice. “Yes, I suspect you do. I’ll be over there in an hour. Don’t worry I’m always careful with my food.” I hear her laughing as the line goes dead. I put the phone down. “She scares me.” I said to the empty room.

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