Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Shorts: A Not So Smooth Landing

Hey everyone! I am going to start doing a weekly series called Saturday Shorts. It will be an original short story, each one being about 500 to 700 words. They will be from a multitude of genres, and generally will be whatever has hit my fancy that week.

This week's short is a bit of an action piece, taking place in the Mission Impossible Universe. It's about an agent who just trying to complete his mission. Although there are references to the Main Part of the Mission Impossible Universe, none of the characters from that are in this story. This is an original work that just takes place in that world.

Okay! Here you go, your saturday short!

“Oh Shit!” I said as I turned my arms like a prop plane propeller. I decided I was going to go over no matter what so I gave in and turned towards the building as I started to fall over. I caught the edge of the roof just by the tips of my fingers. I was starting to pull myself back up when a bullet went whizzing past my ear. “Shit!” I said as I looked over and saw the thugs that had been chasing me.

I let go of the building and started to fall, I twisted my body and held out my hands as if I was doing an impression of being on a cross, minus the crown of thorns of course. I quickly press the button on my tux and the hang glider wings spread out almost instantaneously. It was only a second between the button push and the wings catching the air. I angled myself towards  the center of the city. I know I’m not Ethan Hunt, but I’m a damn good IMF agent. I just know how to keep my head down and avoid being noticed. I’ve always thought Hunt was a bit of a primadonna. I mean if he was as good as they say, there wouldn’t have been that incident in Prague, or the Chimera incident or even that German incident.

I check the roof for my landing zone and I see my team is already there waiting for me. We run like a machine. Just as I’m about to line up for my landing the entire roof explodes. I bank hard to the left, as the blast wave hits me I see that one of my wings are on fire. I aim for the first roof I can find and crash land. I quickly stand up and run over to the side to look at the roof of the building I should have landed on just a few moment before. “So this is what Ethan Hunt Felt like in Prague.” My whole team is dead, and I don’t know what to do next.

My legs apparently decided against my wishes that I was going to sit on the ground, because they gave out on me. I don’t remember the next several hours. I heard some sirens and someone had tried to access the roof, but it was chained from the outside. Which did seem odd to me at the time. I pulled out of sat-phone and called headquarters. “This is Nathaniel Brooks. My team is dead, and I’m out in the cold. What are my instructions?” I waited for a response. “What is your mission code?” I knew I had forgotten something. “The code is Icarus.” I waited as the confirmed my passcode. “Code confirmed. Meet contact at extraction point, in 35 minutes. Do not get arrested. There will be no rescue.” I took in the info before I replied. “Confirmed and understood.” The call ended. I had some walking to do. Much like Icarus my wings were all burnt up.

I walked over to the chained door, and pulled out my gun. One bullet should do it. I fired my gun and the lock on the chain surrendered to me. It was time to get moving.

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