Friday, September 23, 2016

Social Media Power Tools

So I thought I would talk today about Social Media Power Tools. These are tools I'm either currently looking at using, i.e. I'm checking them out and seeing how I like it, Or ones I currently use on a full time basis and have done so for quite a while now.

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to get the word about about what I'm doing, either with my Non-Profit The SkyPilot Project, or with my writing stuff. I have a few tools I like to use, and a few I'm just starting to check out, and I'm going to make a few suggestions of other tools I've used in the past but don't use anymore.

First, some of these tools cost money, and some have free limited versions. I'm going to start out with ones I'm currently using because why not, also I'm not getting paid to mention these services. I just really like them a lot.

Buffer is an awesome Social Media Power Tool, because you can put all your accounts into one spot and schedule posts for when, and how much you want to post to social media. They have any awesome tool for scheduling that will look at your social media accounts and determine when the best times for posting are for that account. I've used it many times, and I tend to update my schedule about once or twice a week depending on the account. They have a free version that lets you have a twitter and facebook account and up to 10 posts at any one time. Their paid version is just $10 a month, and they do have an annual option for $102. I've used this power tool for years now, and I've always been impressed with how easy and simple they've kept it. It gets updated on a regular basis too so that always good.

Blogger, Feedburner, Google at Work and Google Domains, are all awesome services. I'll admit I'm a Google Fanboy, and I use Google everything. From my Chromebook, to my Android Phone, to just about every service Google has to offer. I use it all. That's not to say that Google doesn't make mistakes, they do, Google isn't perfect and even I have questioned some of their moves here as of recent.

However they do have some awesome tools, G+ is a great social media platform, I know it doesn't get the love like Facebook and Twitter, but Google has been working to make improvements on a regular basis. So It's worth putting in the time and setting up your G+ Profile. I feel that it will be a bit of a slow burn for Google while it works to get it's footing in the Social Media area.

Now here are a few that I am currently checking out and thinking about going all in and using as one of my Social Media Power Tools.

RecurPost is a new service I just started to check out. It takes your best stuff and sets it up for regular reposting to your social media accounts. Right now it supports Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but as it grows I'm sure it will support other social media sites. It seems like a cool tool to have in your arsenal, you can set up libraries and you can manage your schedule and..well I'm just starting to get a feel for it.

UsePanda is another service I'm just starting to checkout it's another way to curate content for posting to social media. It is a pay service, although it doesn't look at that bad, $29.99 for year or just $2.99 a month I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with this one because I use Feedly which is free, for my RSS stuff and I used Google Reader (R.I.P.) before Google murdered it Red Wedding Style....I mean shuttered the service.

I've used HootSuite, and IFTTT, and a few others I don't used anymore. I'm really happy with Buffer, and RecurPost. I'm a fan of the K.I.S.S. method of doing things, that is to say Keep It Super Simple.

Hey do you have a Social Media Power Tool you want to share? Do it below in the comments! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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