Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You for your Patreon-age?

So being a creative, a writer, doing something that has no guarantees for income is hard. It's a challenge, and you question yourself everyday. However it has gotten easier for creatives to find ways to support themselves in between book releases, or album releases, or art shows. You can either to a GoFundMe account, or you can do what I just did this week and start a Patreon page.

I know I'm a new author, and I only have one published work that I had to pull because frankly I rushed into getting it published. However I've learned from my mistake and now I'm working a longer view with my writing. However that being said, i still have bills to pay and food to buy and life to live. I have a day job, but I want my writing to be what supports me because that's what I love to do.

So If you deem me worthy of support, please go to my Patreon page and pick a level of support you're comfortable with. It starts as low as 1 buck and goes as high as 100 bucks. I would be grateful for any level of support.

With Patreon you can set it up for per thing or per month. I picked per month so that way you know exactly what you're going to be spending every month. There's no guessing game. I hope you feel that my writing is worth supporting.

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