Friday, September 9, 2016

Writing Fiction's Writing Challenge: Friends

So hey this is for the Facebook Writing Group that I am apart of called Writing Fiction. It's a writing challenge and it had to be 500 words or less. this comes in at just under that at 444 words. It was a neat challenge for me as the theme was Friendship. This is an original story that I wrote just for this writing challenge.

I sat bound, watching as they walked him up to the hangman's noose. The memories of our childhood together, the up and downs of our friendship. All the fights, and all the good fun we had, as kids, then teenagers, and then as adults. We were best friends, until that day we got caught robbing that bank. My Horse had gone lame just as we were making our getaway. Jack wouldn’t leave without me.

“Damn it, Nick! I ain’t about to leave you!” Just as the sheriff came runnin’ up on us, we held our hands up. Jack thought he could be quick and draw on the sheriff, and we could just steal the his horse. Then we could be out of town before anyone else could catch us. He hadn’t counted on the sheriff being a quicker draw. So now he has a hole in his hand and shackles around his wrists. “Jack, I think we been cooked.” He nodded at me.

The trial wasn’t long, we knew we been caught red handed. So we pleaded guilty, hopin’ maybe the judge would take it easy on us. We hadn’t thought they would be itchin’ for a hangin’ and the judge was a brimstone and fire kinda man, and didn’t wait to tell us our fate. We’d both hang ‘til dead.

So one night in the when we were in the cell. I asked Jack, “Anything you regret in life?” He slowly nodded his head, as he answered. “Yeah, there is. I regret not taking more of those bastards down before they grabbed us. I regret not having a woman and a son to carry on my name. Most of all I regret that I failed you. Nick, you’ve been my friend since we were knee high to a grasshopper. I treasure that friendship, you’re like my brother.” We shared a smile, and then laid there in silence.

The next morning they came to get us, and they had me sit on the ground. They took Jack to the noose. They didn’t even bother with bein’ polite about it. Just as they were about to put it around Jack’s neck. Shots rang out and the men fell to the ground, I watch as their blood began to water the parched and cracked ground. As I looked up I saw some men riding towards us. “Hey either one of you wanna join the James gang?” Jack and I just looked at each other and at the same time said “Hell yeah!” We jumped on the back of the horse of what I would later find out was Jesse James. However that’s another story, for another time.

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