Monday, October 24, 2016

A Small Side Project, a few other thoughts

So, I'm deep into getting The Hunter: The Death Of Jessica Goodwin done for this coming spring. However while one my honeymoon, I started to think about some of my other interests and one of them is exploring other belief systems and I thought I should do a small blog about it. So I started Pagan 365, frankly I was surprised it wasn't already taken. There are lots of people that talk about such things at length. However my blog is just going to be about how I view things and sometimes my beautiful wife might make a post or two here and there.

This is a small side project that I'll be doing that I won't really be putting that much time into, at the moment. There might be a post when I have time, and I'll be posting to the twitter account that I have made up for it, and I also have a Facebook Group. However the only time I'll be devoting to it will be when I have extra time to do something with it. So a post a month would be a good expectation for this project blog. I might also have some friends of my post from time to time as well on this project blog.

Also I've put up a link for the Patreon page, and for my non-profit The SkyPilot Project. It's a project I've worked on trying to get off the ground for years. It' focuses on issues related to Low-Income Families and Individuals. It's something that I feel very strongly about as I grew up and live in a Low-Income Family. We need more real education, for options for Low-Income students, and free college for Low-Income Students that want to take that path. I think we need more trade schools, and more focus on teaching basic fundamental technology based skills, for those that want to go down that path.

So with the Xmas season approaching fast, it's time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones for the giving season. I've decided that I don't want anything for Xmas this year. I want to go and volunteer at a local soup kitchen and give to those that need it more than I do. I'll be letting my family know on my personal facebook today. I think it's very important that we don't lose sight of what is really important. Which is not the accumulation of stuff, but the helping of those who can't help themselves. I've said for years that I would like to spend time helping out at a soup kitchen.

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