Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Shorts: Blood Crimes: Part 2

Hey everyone,Here is Part One of this three part story. I hope you're enjoying it so far!


Galina sat in front of me, still looking like the young Tsar’s daughter she was when she was turned. Almost two millennia and she still looks as if she was fresh from fashion week. Her voice matched her beauty. One of those deep raspy voices that are so alluring to men all over the world. She only had a hint of her Russian accent left. Most of it having dissipated over the last two thousand years as she adjusted to each new age of man. Being able to fit in was a survival trait taught from night one as a vampyre.

“Ok Galina, you know why I asked you to come over. What is going on with the blood?” She smiled at me. “It’s called The Death, no one knows much about it. We think, our scientist think anyway, that it’s something that’s been in human blood since they evolved from the primordial goo. A self-defence type of thing. Anyways about every couple of hundred years one of you young ones comes around asking about it. It’s rather tiresome.” I sat there thinking about what she said, also I was surprised that we had a dedicated sect of scientist.

“So there’s nothing we can do about it?” I asked her, hoping not all was lost. She shook her head. “Nope there isn’t. We figure only one in every ten million have whatever The Death is, and it doesn’t really happen very often. Although if humans found out about this, it wouldn’t be good.” She let out a small sigh. “I guess that’s one of the reasons we stay under the radar. So humans don’t have a reason to go looking. Although I’ve heard the council has been playing with the idea of us coming out to the human world. ” I nodded, she had a good point. As long as we stayed under the radar we wouldn’t have anything to worry about, let's hope the council doesn’t go with coming out to the human world.

I noticed that Galina was looking at me. “Have you aged?” She asked me. I raised my eyebrows. “I don’t think so. I mean I did get a couple of gulps of that tainted blood.” Galina looked as if she was deep in thought. “Huh. Not enough to kill you, but just age you a bit. I’d put you at about 30 years old now.” Shit, that can’t be good. “Great. That’s all I needed, get aged by 10 years because I picked the wrong meal.” I got up and walked over to a mirror. Yes, that whole mirror myth is complete bullshit. I think we started it to throw off humans. So fucking gullible. I looked at my face, I had been aged by the tainted blood. Something to keep in mind, for next time. Also something else to contemplate. “I wonder if it’s reversible with enough clean blood.” I thought outloud. Galina laughed. “I don’t think so. In 1890 I found a vampyre that had come across someone with blood tainted with The Death. It had aged him sixty years. I was feeling generous that day, and gave him two of my youngest humans. It didn’t change anything for him, and he sucked them dry, all twenty pints. You’re lucky that it only aged you a decade.”

I turned and went back to the table and sat down. “Great, blood that not only ages you...wait, that’s how it kills. It just advances us to the age we are, the fact that it kills us is just a byproduct, because we are so long lived most of the time.” I looked over at Galina who seemed surprise. “I...I hadn’t thought of that Anthony. I will have to pass that along to our science group. I always thought it was because of our unique biology.” That was the first time Galina had ever used my name. I guess that means something.

I was about to ask Galina about the science sect when i noticed that she had left. I guess when you’re as old as she is, silence becomes second nature. I decided to turn on the tv, and watch the local news. It’s something I do from time to time to stay connected to humanity. I turned up the volume to hear what they reporter was asking someone on the street. “I’m telling you! Vampyres are real! They are real, and I know how to kill them! My daughter was attacked by one just tonight!” Oh shit. My adventure from earlier tonight, seems to have caught some attention. I watch as the man on the screen brings his daughter in front of the camera and shows the world the bite marks I left on her. “Do you see this! A Vampyre did this!” I could see from the reporters smirk that he wasn’t buying it.

“My daughter’s blood can kill them!” The man screamed into the microphone the reporter was holding. It was then the look of bemusement turned to a look of shock. The reporter wasn’t the only one. “Fuck!” I said to what I thought was an empty room. “Fuck, would be right!” I turned to see my old friend Tyrese. His voice was like melted chocolate on a summer’s day, if that summer’s day was 115 in the shade. I say old friend but what I really mean is that he is fucking annoying. Tyrese has one of those nasally type of voices that makes you want to murder a person ancestors. “Hello Tyrese. Why are you here?” He gave me a mischievous look. “Well...The council has decided that we need to consider the option of coming out of the coffin. So to speak. Although from the look of things, we might not have a choice.” I laughed at him. “Please. There have been YouTube videos of us feeding, and people still don’t believe we exist.”

Tyrese nodded his head. “That’s very true. But this time it’s different. This time science may have forced our hand.” That statement got me curious. “What do you mean by that Tyrese?” He pulled a folder out of his bag and handed it to me. I opened it and started to read the report. It was stunning. “I need to show this to my master once he comes back to his sanity.” I sat down with the weight of the shear enormity of what this report held.

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