Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hunter Update, number...i lost count.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the status on The Hunter. I have finished parts 1 and 2, and I'm currently working on Part 3. I have Parts 1 and 2 off to a proofreader, and I will hopefully get that back by the end of this week. So I can finally put those parts to bed.

Part 3 is really interesting because I'll be switching from the 3rd person that parts 1 and 2 are in, to a 1st person point of view. It's a risky thing to do, when you switch a point of view in a book. I've only seen it done a few times. The primary reason for this is because part 3 will be totally focused on Lisa, and also because the 1st full novel of the series will be in first person.

Speaking of which I have the Title for the First Book in the Lisa Goodwin Series. It's going to be called "The Hunting Of Dr. Feelgood." So there you go. Something else for you to look forward to after the Novella comes out.

Welp, there you have it a quick up date. Please remember to follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you aren't already, and if you feel you can do it, please support me on Patreon. Subscriptions start at just 1 buck and go up depending on the level of support you would like to give. You will get some awesome stuff for different levels of support. Everything from getting sneak peeks of what I'm currently working on to exclusive short stories that will only appear on Patreon. I am moving the Saturday Shorts over to there, for example. For the higher levels of support, $20 and $100 respectively, you'll get one on one time with me. We will be able to talk about anything and everything related to writing. For myself this is a big deal, because I'm so introverted that I generally avoid this kind of stuff. However I'm willing to go outside of my comfort zone for those of you that support me on Patreon. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

I'm grateful for anything you might be able to do. The money I raise on Patreon goes towards books stuff, and other expenses I have that are publishing related. So please give if you can afford to do so.

I hope you all have an awesome day!

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