Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Beta Reader, Beta Reader!

So I've been reaching out for Beta Readers for awhile now. Being a first time author, it's hard to get people to want to read or even care about what you're doing. However I have had some traction, and I do have one beta reader so far. I want to get a group of about 15 or so beta readers between my Patreon and other volunteer Beta Readers.

Which if you want to be a beta reader you can email me at and I'll send you a link to the Google Doc so you can read The Hunter, or of the other books I'm currently working that are ready for beta readers. I'm just starting to finish up The Hunter, and I'm starting work on Transpunzel, which if you're a $100 supporter on Patreon, you can see the first trailer I just put up there, which won't be out until January for everyone else.

Beta Readers are very important, because they help the author see things He or She might have missed during the editing process. Beta Readers can point out plot holes, and other story elements that might have been overlooked during the writing process. Beta Readers are invaluable because they are the extra pairs of eyes that every writer needs to make their book the best they can for you the buying readers.

In fact I would say that authors that aren't using beta readers aren't going through the whole writing process. The key to being a great beta reader is being very critical, but constructively so. Pointing out what works, and what doesn't, and what the beta reader feels might need to be fixed, changed, or gotten rid of. The Beta Reader is not the last step before publishing, the Beta Reader is the 5th or 6th step before publication. They help you the writer get your book ready for primetime.

I would say, in my opinion, that a Beta Reader is not a fan, they are not family or friends, they are people that you don't have a connection to, and I think that's it's important that they aren't any of those things. I think it allows people to be more critical and really help you get your book into reading shape, for release into the wild.

I think that writers can be a little blind to issues that come up in their books because they are so close to it, they know what they want to have happen in the book and they sometimes don't see the plot holes or the inconsistencies, that can develop as you write your book. Beta Readers are the stop gap that helps you stay on the path, and not stray to much. It's why they are so important, and why they are so valuable.

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