Saturday, October 21, 2017

Review: Reelgood

So I had an email pop up talking about a streaming video aggregation service called Reelgood. It says it puts the most popular streaming services in one spot. So you aren't switching between services, or tabs. It's a great idea in theory, not so much in execution.

The Good 

So I spent a pretty good length of time on the Reelgood site and It does look really good, it would be great for those people who stream a lot of online video. The site is responsive and runs very smooth. It's easy to navigate and I was able to figure out how to get around pretty quickly. It does show, what's playing on sites like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and the TV On The Go sites like HBO, Showtime, A&E, and others. Which is great...but....

The Bad

So here is what I think they could improve on, if they wanted to really change the way people watch content. They would have a way to connect with the services you use. So you wouldn't need another service like for it to keep up with what you've watched already. It would have more than just an App in the Apple App store. They would have an app for android, Roku, and Kindle.

Being connected to the services you're using is important, because you don't want to watch the same episodes of tv shows you've already seen. You want to pick up where you left off, not try and remember the last episode you watched three weeks ago. 

The Not So Ugly

This is a service that has a ton of potential if they can fix the issues they have right now. They need to solve the problems that they know Netflix and Hulu won't help them with, because they want that traffic. Realgood does solve a problem, it is, and could be a very useful service. If they can get the apps for the other devices out, and fix the issue with being connected to Hulu, and Netflix, and CBS All Access, or any of the other streaming services out there.

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