Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Stoneman (Part 2)

The van bounced back and forth as it drove down the road. Thomas Fairplay tried to steady himself, he started to think that the driver has trying to hit every bump on the road. The van came to an unexpected stop. Thomas couldn’t catch himself in time and he rolled forward. Hitting the wall between the passenger area and the drivers area. “Bloody hell. Carriages were so much safer for kidnappings.” Thomas heard the driver laugh. Thomas then heard some muttering on the other side of the wall. He decided to get low to the ground, when the hair on the back of his neck started to stand up. Just then several bullets ripped through the van. There were screams coming from the driver’s compartment. 

Just as the screams stop the sliding side door opened. Thomas looked out the door in shock. “Catherine?” The woman looked at him with a confused expression. “No. My name is Jenny Fairplay. I’m your However many greats grand kid. Now let's get out of here before the cops show up!” Thomas didn’t know what to say to the fact he has a grandchild, let alone one that he had a whole family line. As they were running a thought occurred to Thomas, that made him stop running. “Wait? Are you telling me that my Catherine was with child?” Jenny stopped and turned to answer hime. “Yes. Remember Paris? Six months before you were turned to stone?” Thomas stood there for a moment. Then a light went off. “OH GOD. You mean to tell me that our night of passion, produced a child?” Jenny laughed. “Yeah, that’s kinda how it works old man.” Jenny’s answer produced so many more questions for Thomas.

“Listen right now. The cops are investigating a van that has two dead people in it. I suggest we get to the car I have waiting and we can play a billion questions about conception after we get you to the safe house.” Thomas nodded and they both started to jog to the car that Jenny had waiting. There was a driver already in the car. As Jenny opened the back door to the car. It came to life with a roar, that made Thomas wonder what kind of demon beast powered it. Jenny motioned for Thomas to get in the car. He did so silently. 


Paris, January 1536 

“Thomas, do you think I’m pretty?” Thomas looked up from his desk and his jaw hit the floor. “Catherine! you’re naked.” She smiled at him. “Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?” Thomas blushed at the bold advance. “Well... I guess I’m just going to have to spank you and then have my way with you.” Thomas said with a playful smile. Catherine laughed. Thomas grabbed her by the arm on put her over his knee, and gave her three firm but playful swats on her bare ass. They stood up and Thomas lead them to the bedroom. 

As the sun rose, they blissfully laid in bed watching as it passed their bedroom window. Thomas was never happier than when they were together like this. Catherine knew what she was doing, stirring his passion they way she did last night. He looked over at her and saw that she had fallen asleep and decided to do the same. 

London, June 1536

“Crone! I will never agree to your devil's bargain!” Thomas held his saber at the witch’s throat. As if it had a mind of it’s own his sword flew out of his hands, and out the window of his bedroom. “You will agree, or you will never see your love again!” She said with a voice Thomas thought could peel paint from a wall. “You’ll not live long enough to back that threat witch!” Just then the witch started to chant. Thomas couldn’t make out the words, but as he began to move towards the crone he found he couldn’t move. He looked down and saw that he feet had turned to stone and that he was rapidly going up his legs. “Stop this evil!” Thomas said as he started to panic. “I said, stop this evil spell right now!” The witch only laughed. “You’ll be stone for as long as I breath.” Thomas looked down and saw the stone has made it’s way to his waist.

Just as the stone was making it’s way up his torso. Thomas saw Catherine walk into the room. “NO! You weren’t to hurt him!” Again the witch laughed. “He wouldn’t agree. So I had no choice.” Catherine ran up to Thomas just as the stone was getting to his throat. “Thomas, never fear. I’m with child. I feel it’s boy. Just remember you’re a father!” Thomas’s eyes went wide.

Fairplay Virginia, Present Day

Thomas woke with a start his eyes wide. “Oh my.” He said as he caught his breath. He looked around the car. He saw Jenny sleeping in the front passenger seat. “Jenny. Wake up.” She started to stir, and stretch and started to blink to get the sleep out of her eyes. She looked over at him. “What is it Gramps?” Thomas raised and eyebrow of curiosity that she woman would be related to him. “I remembered something. Catherine told me about my child. Do you know if it was a boy or a girl?” Jenny blinked. “I believed she had a boy. In fact I’m the first girl in almost a hundred years.” Thomas was dumbfounded. “My god. I’ve missed so much.” He said quietly. “If you’d want to know I can tell you how your son died.” Thomas was speechless, so he nodded. “He died fighting in the eighty years war, between England and France. He thought he was fighting for the good of the English empire.” Thomas raised an eyebrow. “He was an idiot.” Jenny laughed. “Yeah. Doubly so because by that time you’re father had already moved you when the Mayflower left England in 1620.”

It was Thomas’s turn to laugh only as he started to he stop. “Wait..What’s the Mayflower? Is it a ship?” Jenny nodded. “Yeah it is. The puritans wanted to get away from the crown.” Thomas nodded. “Perfectly understandable.” Thomas said as he sat up. “Ok Jenny, where are we going?” She took a deep breath. “To Catherine.” Jenny said as she moved over to the Driver’s seat and started the car. “Where did our diver go?” Thomas asked as the car started to move. “He had something else to attend to.” Jenny said as she pulled onto the highway. “Oh.” 

Jenny looked in the rearview to make sure the body of the driver was still hidden pretty well. She didn’t want anyone to find him for at least six months to a year. She was disappointed that her body count kept getting higher. She was only twenty five and already had a lot of red to account for in her life. She was really starting to like this ancestor of hers. “Jenny. How many have you killed to protect me?” Thomas’s question surprised her. “Too many.” She answered. “Why did Betty want to kidnap me?” Jenny looked up into the rearview mirror. “Because, the Crone might be dead, but the curse she placed on you isn’t. I don’t know how much the council told you. But I know it wasn’t everything.” Thomas listened to the sound of the tires on the road. Wondering what kind of world he had really woken up too. 

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