Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Updates for November!

Hello! I know I've been really quiet and I know that I haven't been putting much out there content wise, but I have been working and I do have some updates for you! I'm going to start doing monthly progress updates that cover what's going on in my life as well as updates for books, series, and other writing that I'm doing.

First Please go and get a copy of CEA's Greatest Anthology Written over on Amazon! It has a short story featuring Lisa Goodwin that has a Christmas theme. Celenic Earth Publications is the one publishing it and it is a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt at having the most authors in a single publication. There are over 100 stories in this book and it would well worth your time and money to get a copy of it. So please go get your copy today!
So I mentioned in my last update that i didn't have meds for my ADHD. I now have my ADHD meds now, I'm taking Concerta. It's great for what I need at the moment. Before I started to take it, I had to take a trip to the E.R. and find out that I may have some anxiety issues related to my mom's passing. It's a new development and I'm working on it. Everything that happens in a writer's life affects what they write, how their stories develop and how they write. It's a process, and It's a process that I'm working through at the moment. It isn't easy.

In fact I've had to push back releasing The Portland Event on Patreon because of what's been going on in my life, with my mental health, and just finding what my new normal is going to be from a day to day basis. When things are running right. I get up early in the morning write for an hour or two, and then I get ready for my day job. However as of late I've only hand the energy to get ready for my day Job and maybe write a few hundred words here and there. I'm hopeful that now that I'm on Concerta that things will get better and I can get back into my normal writing routine. However I may have to address the anxiety issue that has cropped up and possibly a high blood pressure issue as well. I'll just have to wait and see what happens there.

Hey have you read the story I put up on Vocial.Media in their crime stories section? It's Called I Play In The Key Of Fission both Part 1 and Part 2 are up and ready for you to read and enjoy and hopefully you'll share it with people you know.

This story focuses on Dr. Richard Cummings PhD a nuclear physicist that has a mental break down and has decided to bring the apocalypse to the world. I think it came out pretty well and I hope you enjoy it.

I am making progress on The Portland Event and I'm hoping to have the first 5 episodes done before the end of the year, and then have the back half of the first season done after the first of the year. If you want to read it you'll have to be a Patreon supporter of at least $5. I felt that is a monthly support level that most people can afford to get access to this story that I've been working on for awhile now. I want to tell you a little about this story because I think it will help you decide if you feel it's worth the money.

The Portland Event is a Limited 3rd Person story that starts off in Portland Oregon with Agent Matthias Young and He will end up in Area 51. There aren't any aliens in this story, there is a Russian plot to take over America or Destroy it. Either outcome is find with the antagonist Colonel Vladlena Volkov. There is a budding romance, action, and lots of things blowing up. So it should be a fun story for you, I know it's been pretty fun for me to write it. I started to write this story about 10 years ago based off of a dream I had one night. It started out as a short story and over the last couple of years it's just grown into what will be a 3 book series.

Another thing I would like to tell you about is that I'm starting to put energy into my Non-Profit The SkyPilot Project it's something that I've been working on for that last decade. I would really like to see it start to grow and develop into something that can affect real change and have a positive impact on the Low-Income Community. I've created a goal over on Patreon to raise money so I can get some equipment for a YouTube Series and so I can start doing a weekly Podcast again. I'm hoping that I can raise enough to hire 1 or 2 writers people that could help me with the YouTube series, blog posts, and the podcast.

Whelp I think that's enough for this month's update. I hope to see you during this next month as I post short stories and other things. Follow me on Twitter, and Like my Facebook Page for the latest updates! Also check out my Patreon and If you think I'm worth it, select a level of monthly support. I would be very grateful if you did.

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