Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why My Writing is The Way It is?

So I thought I would talk about why my writing comes out the way it does. Sometimes is raw, and harsh, and very adult. Other times it isn't any of that, and it's safe to read in the light of day. I feel that when you're writing a story, it needs to have whatever room it needs to grow into what it is going to become, because only then can the core of the story come out into the light.

I'm a bit of a mix of story planner and what is referred to as a pantser. I do plan out my stories, it's a process that takes lots of work and time. However I'm also a bit of a write by the seat of my pants kind of writer. I enjoy being able to just sit down and write out a story. I did that with most of The Hunter. It's taken me awhile to learn what my process for writing a story is, and how I feel most comfortable doing it. So I have managed to find a happy medium between proper story planning and just sitting down and typing out two or three chapters at a time. See that's the fun of having ADHD and being a creative. There are times when I just hyperfocus on what I'm writing and before I know I've typed out ten pages and three hours have gone by.

I feel that the characters should always come first, because you can build really awesome stories around a great character. You take your time to develop your main protagonist, or your antagonist and before you know it. You've started to figure out what the conflict is, and what it is you want to explore and how you want to grow your characters over the course of the story you want to tell to your readers. For me the story is all about the characters and the world you put them in and build around them.

For example The Hunter: The Death of Jessica Goodwin started out as a short story I wanted to do because I wanted to see just how dark I could really get, and then from there it just expanded into the story that got released. I really wanted to have a kind of Noir, pulpy kind of detective novel because those are fun to write and I get to put the protagonist through what some would consider the worst things a person could go through. Also it's a story about loss, and about how a person comes back from that kind of tragedy. What would a person have to do to find their peace after something so tragic.

Also I think I don't like perfect characters because their isn't any where for them to grow from. The best movies I've ever seen have imperfect protagonist. Take Lethal Weapon starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Gibson's character Martin Riggs is imperfect he is suffering from the loss of his wife in what he thought was an accident at first. We first see him at his lowest point, he is an alcoholic, he is near suicidal and it would just take one more bad day to push him over the edge. Then over the course of four movies we seem him grow and start to accept what happened to his wife and start to rebuild his life. He get married and starts a family and all while being a cop and have some really insane things happen to him and his partner.

We get to see how the partnership between Riggs and Murtaugh go from one of suspicion to one of mutual respect for each other and even become a chosen family and support system for each other. So although they are in exceptional situations the growth of the characters is what drives the story and moves it along.

So the answer the question, by stories are they way they are, because I build them around my characters because I feel that people want to read about people and not necessarily about fantastic worlds and other stuff that doesn't focus on the characters in the story.

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