Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Things, Lots of Changes

So I've been putting a lot of thought into where I want my writing career to go, and I've come up with two paths I'd like to go down. One is my fiction writing which I'll be putting up on my Patreon account. The other is that I'd like to start writing political commentary and talking about the issues that matter. I'm a person that needs to have deep discussions and talk about the important things that are happening in the world.

So I'll be changing the name of the blog, I haven't decided on what I'll be changing it too just yet. I just know that I'll have to change it. I'm still going to posting to the same URL that isn't changing just the name of the blog. I think that by April of next year I'll be ready to unveil it. So stay tuned for that, and also stay tuned for the podcast I'll be putting up as a companion to the articles I'll be writing. That will happen later in 2018 possibly in the late summer. I still have to get a couple of things so I can do a quality podcast.

I'm also going to be putting more of my attention to my #UnionizeIdaho effort. I feel it's something that is very important that will help better the lives of Home Care Workers in the state of Idaho. Seeing as I'm one of those home care workers, I know what it's like in this state right now. The State of Idaho and the Home Care Agencies that employ Home Care Workers don't respect us, they think that HCAs (Home Care Aides) are disposable, we don't make a living wage right now, we don't get time off, we don't have health care coverage and I think it's time that HCAs band together and tell the State and the Agencies that #WeDeserveMore.

I'll be focusing on 2 to 3 Novels this year. I'm working on the 2nd Lisa Goodwin Book. I'm focusing on The Portland Event and TransPunzel, which I've also focused on building a Non-Profit around focusing on issues that affect the LGBTQIA community.

I will be doing more posts about politics, more personal posts, and I've decided that with the exception of TransPunzel all my series, short stories, and other creative writing stuff, is going to be posted to my Patreon page. You'll need to be a $5 patron to read any of the stories that are posted there. So please consider being a patron on Patreon. You'll get access to updates, any stories that are posted and it will allow me to focus on more writing-related stuff. Once I've reached my goal, I'll be able to do it full time and I can then quit my day job. So any bit of help and support I would be deeply grateful for.

This year should be full of awesome stuff writing-wise, and I'm getting refocused on writing every day. Which I haven't been doing because frankly, this past holiday season sucked. It was the first one since my mom passed away in March, and it just hasn't been the same without her here. I'm currently trying to raise money so my wife and I can take my mom's ashes to be buried next to her late husband in Kansas. I have a GoFundMe page set up for that, so if you would like to make a donation that would be awesome, and very helpful.

I hope you and your family have an awesome 2018, and I'm looking forward to bringing a lot of great stories to you in the next year.

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